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The Day I Saw Beyonce (and Jay-Z)

Marnie Mills beyonce boutique planet concert fashion Inspired jay-z london music

So it's almost a year to the day, since I witnessed the queen herself walk on stage at London Stadium. I'm talking about absolute music royalty in the form of Beyonce Knowles-Carter and her husband Jay-Z. The build-up was intense. My concert buddy and No.1 Beyonce fan - Jen, had been incredibly excited the whole FIVE hours we waited for her majesty to enter center-stage. And then finally, just as I was about to finish my third stick of candy-floss, the lights dimmed and the air froze. There was queen Bey herself, strutting on stage to a trumpet rendition of 'Crazy In Love', hand in hand with...

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Camden Crawl 2014

Clare Phillips camden clare concert crawl gig london pub Team Boutique Planet

So, dear reader, I am off to the Camden Crawl tomorrow. I've never been before. I am mildly concerned that I will not cope with this two day musical pub crawling extravaganza. I've been to festivals and gigs all over but the crawl has always eluded me with its siren call of 25 alcohol licensed premises in two days. I will be sensible, I will pace myself and see as many bands as I can in that time.    I've downloaded an app and found some comfortable trainers (superga naturally) I've arranged with a very kind friend to stay at...

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