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Work it baby…

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                Hi all, I attended a rather great party on Halloween, which really isn’t the point of the post; I’m just setting the scene. So, we’re all stood outside chatting in the unseasonably mild October evening and the subject of work comes up. Myself and a friend get to talking about his job in Marketing and the fact that I blog for this lovely shop. We swap some inconsequential information and are overheard by one of the party’s hosts, who swiftly decides to inform us that he detests marketing and Sales. The exact...

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Shop Local this Christmas

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Please support your local Independents this Christmas and you'll not only be giving your loved ones something much more personal and unique but you'll help to keep the Independent retailers in business. When you visit an Independent local business... You keep more money in your local economy You celebrate the uniqueness of your community You support local jobs You help the environment You encourage community You benefit from local expertise You invest in entrepreneurship You make your community a destination Even if you're adamant that you'll be doing all your shopping online this Christmas, check first to see if your...

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