Lambing Live

I stumbled across Lambing Live on Sunday and stayed tuned as I remembered it had been a good watch last year. I had my reservations and couldn't honestly recall why it had captured my attention the previous season - I get so little time to sit down and watch anything much on the television these days.  Sure enough though, I was gripped. Maybe it's just that it's full of cute little lambs bouncing all over the place but I think it's more than that, it's wholesome, and it celebrates new life but it's also full of heartache and tragedy, much like real life I guess!  The Dykes, the sheep farming family that the show follows are hard working and likeable and Kate Humble (the presenter) throws herself into their way of life.  A refreshing watch.  


On all this week BB2 at 8pm

Lambing Live with Kate Humble

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