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AWARE: sustainable collection

Marnie Mills art AWARE boutique planet fashion Inspired Stylish sustainable fashion Team Boutique Planet Unique Vero Moda's finally here. We in the fashion world have all been waiting for it! And now we have a name! A brand new, standalone collection by Vero Moda - this time with an Eco-friendly twist! No, you've not heard wrong! This Danish originating, fashion brand has recently launched AWARE. A nature inspired collection said to be Vero Moda's first step towards bridging "the gap between offering seasonal fashion and more sustainable collections."  This original collection focuses on the everyday fit, whilst catering towards a green and clean future, perfect for the women who wants to think more consciously about her fashion choices without comprising...

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7 Typical & Atypical things We Love About Winter

Marnie Mills Bedford boutique planet christmas Coats fashion hay fever Jeans layers Lush new year socks Stylish website Winter

Winter's Coming!  And no, this isn't a reference to Game of Thrones, sadly we've still got a whole year until the marvelous John Snow returns to our screens!   *cue collective groans* I know! Not exactly the words you want to hear, but as this cold season comes in to pass, so do all the things we love about the coziest time of year! Here are 7 Things We Love about Winter.    1. Fluffy Socks. Typical. I'm 100% sure this is everyone's favourite thing about braving the cold weather. Who doesn't like their tootsies toasty? I'm forever dreaming about those soft, thick knitted ones...

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Surfers, Sheep and Other Australian Species

Kath Law 100% Australian sheepskin emu Ugg ugly boots boutique planet free prize Quicksilver surfer beach sheep kangaroos Jack Emu Jackson Tannery Australia launch waterproof

It’s a strange image, that of a sun bronzed surfer sitting on a beach, feet wrapped in pieces of sheepskin.  After all, if I were to say “surfer” to you I’m betting a likely image to come to mind would be of a well-toned young man, clad in O’Neill boardshorts and a Quicksilver wetsuit with a pair of sunnies nestling in his sunbleached locks - clothes fit for purpose it’s true, but also with a certain awareness of style.   And yet, back in the mists of time, surfers in a particular part of Australia would come out of the...

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A Dog's Life

Kath Law business cafe parlour networking meeting rooms spaces fun learning working from home office sweets industrial style on trend Bedford Harpur Street George dog putting green

Now I like to think that I provide some amusement in these little musings of mine but I try not to let it go to my head.  I am merely providing an important service for Boutique Planet and therefore try not to let my ego run away with me. I don’t expect The Observer to phone me up any time soon.  However, dear reader, I have to tell you, I feel as though I have been upstaged - by a dog!   I am referring to the utterly original business networking cafe and  meeting space, previously called Maximo Learn, now...

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If mannequins could talk...

Kath Law mannequins seventh heaven cakes Bedford Boutique Planet football Premier soccer Vila Great Plains birthday cakes Vila Emu Australia boots juiced spinach

As I was cleaning the bits inbetween the toes of the mannequins in the Planet window the other day I was reflecting on those truisms that people come out with about whatever job you’re doing you should put 100% into it.  Or my friend’s Mum’s favourite of “Never think any job is beneath you”. (There weren’t many things below me as I was attending to the mannequins’ toes I can tell you!)  It’s true that those mindless tasks are good for zoning out and freeing the mind up to bring moments of inspiration.  However,  there have been times when that...

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