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Bollywood, Bedford & Keralan Cuisine

Kath Law south indian food curry masala dosa kerala Mysore Bangalore Bollywood Thali local independent stores shops restaurants diversity Bedford Clanger The Cochin

It's been plugged already in local publications such as The Bedford Clanger, but I really feel that The Cochin needs to be sung about much more loudly from the rooftops because the success of this restaurant will be in part reflective of our attitude to our town and of the issues that it faces: namely, diversity and independence.   As you’ve probably noticed, here at Planet we’re always banging on about the importance of independent retailers because we provide the diversity not seen on every high street.  One of the gripes I had when I first came to Bedford was...

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Dismaland and the Approach of Autumn

Kath Law Dismaland dismal weather autumn collection grey fly boots b:young white stuff colour Disney Weston-Super-Mare theme park Banksy autumn leaves

Perhaps its the dismal weather outside but I love the sound of Dismaland, Banksy’s ironic take on a theme park, in Weston-Super-Mare.  If I could bear queueing on that stretch of the M5 again - which I can’t, having done it on the way to and from Cornwall this summer - I would be there like a shot.  It has been described as a family theme park unsuitable for children.  Its probably not for the die-hard Disney kid, but the jaded parents who’ve endured the usual attractions might find the rusting metal structures and crumbling grey concrete a humourous antidote...

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Planet Normal & the Edinburgh Festival

Kath Law Edinburgh Festival Fringe shows droids geishas costume characters Royal Mile theatre French connection White Stuff Great Plains Fly London boots Liberace new term autumn stock sale bargains

I have just returned from a weekend away at the Edinburgh Festival with my friend. As I’m half Scottish and my dearly departed father lived there for a while, I’m sentimentally attached to Edinburgh, so I don’t necessarily expect anyone to love the place as much as I do. However,  my friend was instantly smitten.   Its a crazy time to be introduced to the city. As we wandered along the Royal Mile, we were offered flyers by Droids and Geishas, rubbed shoulders with an eighteenth century gent in full wig and make-up chatting to his ordinarily-clad mate, and passed...

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Staycations and holiday traditions

Kath Law Cornwall staycation holiday family lidl Seasalt clotted cream seaside sea motorway M4 fish & chips flip flops Bluewater cream teas

Tomorrow we will be going on our annual summer holiday and this year we are breaking with tradition in that we’re not going abroad - a staycation as it’s known. There are certain traditions that I will miss about holidays abroad, like buying strange, unfathomable products by unknown brands in the local supermarket (okay, I know that’s what we have Lidl for) and trying to coax my teenager out into the light every now and then to go for lunch (he does hate the heat bless him).   The packing and getting away from home part of the experience may...

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Bedfringe and Bedford's new theatre

Kath Law bedfringe festival arts theatre quarry at st luke's theatre Bedford RIverside North development location piano bar venue gardens lawns

My last but one post dealt with the issue of the Riverside North  development.  If that is a harbinger of uninspiring doom for some, the brand new Quarry Theatre at St Luke’s is quite the opposite.  I went to the first play performed there a month or so ago and it is a beautiful airy building, with a bar at the back that promises to be a very pleasant place to be, especially when the sun is out and the place is up and running properly. (I did feel a bit like the Queen.  It wasn’t so much a smell...

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