5 Delicious Vegan Desserts in Bedford

5 Delicious Vegan Desserts in Bedford
Over the past few weeks, we've been given little sneak-peaks of the sunny weather to come. With summer fast approaching (touch wood!). Here are five go-to places when craving something sweet, refreshing and Vegan!





1. Dark Chocolate & Orange Torte Slice Albero Lounge, Riverside
Made with soya milk, this rich torte will surely have your taste-buds watering! Enjoy it in the outside seating area, with a lovely view of Bedford's riverside. 
2. Banana & Raspberry Calzone - Zizzi, Riverside
Also with a view of the riverbank, this delicious pastry is often served with a scoop of ice-cold, vanilla gelato.
3. Oreo Cookie Dough & Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream scoop - Treat Street, Riverside
Hot, melted chocolate meets cool, refreshing mint in this tasty treat. This is by far one of my favourites.Treat Street do Vegan days, every fortnight - serving something for everybody, including waffles, pancakes and smoothies! 
4. Red Forest Smoothie - Coffee with Art, High Street
A refreshing and healthy alternative, this smoothie is all fruit and all sweet! This cafe also does a selection of freshly baked vegan cakes, ask in store to see what they have!
5. Spiced Vanilla ice cream - Pumpernickel, The Arcade 
This, creamy twist on a classic comes in a cute, little pot! Perfect to enjoy on the go, by the river or strolling through the beautiful, Victorian Arcade in which it is situated. 
Let us know your favourite dessert stops in Bedford! We'd love to hear from you.
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