AWARE: sustainable collection's finally here. We in the fashion world have all been waiting for it! And now we have a name! A brand new, standalone collection by Vero Moda - this time with an Eco-friendly twist!

No, you've not heard wrong! This Danish originating, fashion brand has recently launched AWARE. A nature inspired collection said to be Vero Moda's first step towards bridging "the gap between offering seasonal fashion and more sustainable collections." 

This original collection focuses on the everyday fit, whilst catering towards a green and clean future, perfect for the women who wants to think more consciously about her fashion choices without comprising her style.

These pieces hold shapes, styles and cuts similar to those of Vero Moda's spring 2014 collection. Yet, each design, delights and compliments any wardrobe - all whilst being made from entirely recycled material:






Recycled Polyester,

Vero Moda to launch debut sustainable collection: Aware



Recycled Cotton


Vero Moda to launch debut sustainable collection: Aware

and Organic Cotton! 

Vero Moda to launch debut sustainable collection: Aware

By shining a light on one of the most important issues facing our world, Vero Moda have turned shopping in to  an inspiring, easy and attainable way to make a difference. The collection is set to launch in Vero Moda stores and online on August 2 and will be updated four times a year. Be on the look out for this collection in our store - shop, boutique planet!





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