You Vs. Your Daily Horoscope

If you're like me, then once in a while when you're feeling slightly more wistful than usual - you will take your phone and google 'My Daily Horoscope'.

You know, just so you have a plausible explanation for why you keep dropping your favourite bits of food on the floor and tripping over the same spot in your house - the planets are in retrograde of course! It all makes sense now!

If we have even more in common, then you too will be enraged when you scroll down the list to your star sign, read it and find out that it's got you all wrong - 'Difficulty in communicating your feelings?' Umm, you don't think so! You can't stop talking about them!

Today's horoscope for example has told me to to take a more passive role in social interactions today, warning me to not inject my opinions into discussion.

I'm a Pisces on the weekends, so quite naturally I scoffed at this.

My partner and I had planned to go all 'Marie Kondo' on our wardrobe later and no way was I going to be able to hold my tongue during that exercise. We are both very territorial about tidying-up, which is what happens when a hoarder and a minimalist partner-up (guess which one is which!).

However, then I thought...maybe it'd be a much smoother task if I took a step back and let him lead. Anyway, regardless of whether you dismiss star signs as waffle, or regularly devour your daily horoscope - you've got to admit that the whole business is very intriguing and so satisfying when they get it right! Right?

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