Summer Expectations Vs. Reality

Summer can carry a lot of expectations, especially if you are responsible for organising a bunch of fun activities for the family or friend group!

Now we've had a lot of scorching days this summer thus plenty of opportunities for fun in the sun. Although...summer doesn't always go to plan!

Here are some summer Expectations VS. Reality 

Going to the Beach 

Expectation: A nice picnic on the beach, warm sun on your back, a majestic view of the sea - maybe a few drinks whilst the kids make sandcastles - what could go wrong eh?! 

 Big Little Lies GIF - BigLittleLies Picnic Beach GIFs


Reality: Sand in your picnic, sand on your back, sand in your eyes! - Sand EVERYWHERE! 


Moana Disney GIF - Moana Disney Beach GIFs       More. More Sand. GIF - Kids Predicaments Beach GIFs




Expectation: All is calm. The person manning the barbecue has it all under control (or so you think!). There's plenty of food to go around and the forecast predicts sunshine all day. 


   Canadian Barbecue GIF - TheSimpsons HomerSimpson Grill GIFs   July GIF - Dancing Excited BarbecueParty GIFs


Reality: The food is burnt to a crisp and the forecast lied.


        Bbq Grill In The Rain GIF - BackyardGrill Rain Umbrella GIFs    Grill Fire GIF - Grill Fire BackyardGrill GIFs




Expectation: *happy place meditation voice* Imagine your happy place, you hear the lapping of the warm waves in the distance. The sun shines brightly and gently warms your skin. You are one with the earth.

Chilling GIF - Pool Chillin Fan GIFs


 Reality: *WAILS* I'M MELLLTINNG! The Sun is literally one hundred degrees, you've slept through the ice cream run and your flip flops have melted. 


Sweating Bullets GIF - Sweating Bullets Wet GIFsHot GIF - Hot Fire GIFsSanchez Reunion Sunbathing GIF - SanchezReunion Sunbathing TooHot GIFs


But then sometimes these things go exactly to plan and what is a Summer without laughable memories! 


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