Is it too early to talk about Xmas? Let's talk about autumn/winter fashion instead!

Is it too early to say that I feel the Christmas spirit already? With the weather getting cooler - everything just feels so cosy. I feel more inclined to actually hug people in greeting, than I did when I was hot and bothered a few weeks ago. The cold air in the mornings is like a breath of fresh air and i'm thankful about the fact that I can wear clothes again after the heatwave we had. (Is there any reason we don't have air-conditioning in the UK? - We are officially a 'hot' country now). 

Every year I look forward to the autumn/winter fashion collections.


Layers are everything - you can rework them easily and it'll look like you've put loads of effort in to your outfit even if it isn't true. 


If you're a fan of chunky knit jumpers over leggings/jeans or shirt dresses with soft tights and a cardigan - we've got all of those things at Boutique Planet, as well as the basics to layer them up with including neutral camisoles, cute cotton t-shirts and the best boots to stomp around town in.  



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