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Hello, first blog post from the newbie...


So I decided to blog about the recent show featured at the Pop Up Gallery on the high street, a cross stitch and embroidery extravaganza showcasing some unique pieces in a lovely bright airy space. 


Now, I make no claim to know anything about embroidery or cross stitch. My only encounter with either involves some very pretty handmade christmas cards one year and a few misguided attempts of my own during an art course. 

Well that was all blown straight out of the water upon entering the gallery last week, the work on show was unbelievable in its modern approach and beautiful attention to detail.






If you want to read further on any of the artists (which, of course, you do!) heres some links to the websites and organisations involved in the stellar showing.



Next up is the rather thrilling Pop Up Record shop, arriving tomorrow! I am beside myself with excitement. So, you know what that means? I'll see you all down there! 





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Unfortunately I missed the pop up exhibition but I understand from a friend of mine that it was really good and even her husband who normally doesn’t get the arty stuff she does really enjoyed it too. Apparently the Mona Lisa looked a bit grumpy though.


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