Festival Fever - Sonisphere 2014

A cheery post festival wave to all our lovely readers, I've been away at Sonisphere Festival this past weekend.

It was great, I got burnt, I slept in a tent, I got rained on, ate far more crumpets than any human should and I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.


Highlights for me were the Prodigy set on Friday night, oddly, Limp Bizkit played a brilliantly fun set on the Friday afternoon.

Saturday brought Deftones in a charged and frankly mesmeric attitude, Iron Maiden headlining a marathon set, with more props and costume changes than a Cher concert. 

Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest for most but it was another day in the scorching sun for us (no complaints, honestly) Gojira kicked things off in the most brutal way possible at 11.30am, and it never stopped after that, Airbourne, Dropkick Murphys, the wonderful Alice in chains, Ending it all with the behemoth that is Metallica. 

Now, dear reader, I am not a massive Metallica fan but the boy is and I am nothing if not a good girlfriend. I was stunned by how good they were live and how different the music was live to the plain noisy cds I am subjected to on long car journeys. 

I'd watch them again and will probably be keeping my eyes peeled for the next tour date announcements. 


Please enjoy these incredibly flattering photos of my escapades...



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