Fashion is a strange creature

I've loved clothes for as long as I can remember, I've embraced all the clichéd phases of my childhood, the pink and girly dresses stage, the wonderful 90's trend for huge boots, shorts and floppy velvet hats, and a particularly unstylish Goth period. Now I sit comfortably somewhere between all of these incarnations and try not to look too messy when my Nan visits. It's a happy medium. 


One thing I will always get stuck on though is looking at a new collection in a completely seasonally inappropriate month; we're always buying six months ahead and waiting eagerly for new coats and boots in the sweltering heat of July and August. Alternately pining for an elusive bikini or sandal in the shivering depths of February. It's a Fashion quirk that can not be avoided and somehow the impracticality of it makes me love it all the more. 

If I haven't had to wait with baited breath, how do I know that I really want it?


On that note, we have new pieces in from Great Plains, I'm fully in love with the new collection and just wish I had the forethought to buy everything straight away ready for the chilly spell and stash it all in my wardrobe.



I mean, look at that Jumper! Honestly, I think I might have to live in it. 


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