Kind words

Isn't it nice when you hear good things being said about you?

I could pretend to be modest here, a humble brag if you will, but I don't care, Bedford Blog and Board recently visited us and wrote a really lovely post about it. 




Knowing that someone appreciates what we do here in the shop is a great feeling. Shopping locally isn't as easy an option as it used to be but it's something we should all be looking to try to do more often. Supporting independent retailers, restaurants and initiatives makes a huge difference to local economy. Not just that but it also makes a huge difference to the quality of options available to you locally, the more successful business we have in the town the more we can expect there to be in the future.

A little change personally makes a big change locally.


There are a few online resources for people looking to expand their horizons closer to home, if I've missed any in the following list let me know!


Bedford Blog and Board 

The Bedford Clanger 

Bedford Film Festival 

The Pad Presents..

Bedford Corn Exchange


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