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This is a totally selfish post and I don’t expect anyone to remotely care, but, I am now engaged!


I know, sickening right?


Now begins what I am told is the very stressful experience of planning a wedding on almost no budget and hoping to not end up featured in one of those magazines you find at the dentists. You know the ones, “My Dad is a turtle but he’s the best Dad in the world!” or something equally earth shattering.

I am fully aware that I can just as happily run away and get married in secret and have no fan fare what so ever, but where’s the fun in that eh? How else will I develop grey hairs at 29?


I am already appalled at the cost of venues and flowers, so let’s all have a moan about that for a bit. How on earth do florists justify the cost of the flowers they provide, I mean, I can’t do the wonderful things they do so I’m sure I’m paying for the artistry involved but…really. Venue costs clearly have a secret hidden wedding tax attached. That has to be a fact, there’s no other sensible explanation.

So this is my humble plea for help, Have you had a budget big day? What can you warn me about?

Do you know anyone that can help? Tell me all about your wonderful weddings and let me steal all your brilliant ideas. I mean…no, I mean steal.

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look at the more less exclusive wedding venues. We had our reception at kempston cutler hammers sports ground. Not much to look at from the front but has a gorgeous function hall with bar and we decourated it in our wedding colours. Looked so wonderful. Also do as much ur self as possible (wedding favours, invites (my mother in law made, she also did my flowers for a fraction of the cost by buying wholesale and were exactly what we had wanted) eBay and Amazon will be your best friends.


Just enjoy it, think outside the box (uni students doing media degrees) local Amatuer florist/craft groups and as to venues keep your eyes and ears open!

Gemma France

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