Let the countdown begin.

Ok kids, there’s four weekends until Christmas; we are at the start of loopy season comrades.

That means four weekends to get presents for everyone, put up your trees and generally start to enjoy the prospect of drinking mulled wine and eating mince pies with a wild abandon akin to your last meal.

That’s just me then? Right. I’m not even sorry.


Addressing the first issue is on my priority list today, shopping for gifts. Of course, I want you all to come here and clear us out of stock, but what I really want is for everyone to maybe take 5 minutes to consider if you could buy some of the gifts you’ve got planned from a local business.  Buying just one or two of your gifts locally from an independent retailer will make a huge difference to the town centre this year. It means local businesses will be able to keep offering the wonderful selection of items that they do; because your hard earned money was invested in the continuation of the regeneration that’s happening all over the town.

The Bedpop Shop is in The Art Centre in Howard Street right now, representing lots of local makers and designers. There’s a huge amount of independent retailers, representing a diverse array of goods, in the town if you just look for them and we all want to stay here as long as possible. Every penny that gets spent eventually goes back out into the town somewhere and drops into someone else’s pocket. That’s got to be a good thing?


That goes for the markets too, for example, I am now a disciple of the Steamed Dumpling vendor, I am Dumpling, which appears on a Thursday. If you’ve not been you really should. I spent three weeks in Japan a few years ago and never ate dumplings so good. Plus the chef is possibly the nicest guy ever.


Bedford is a wonderful place to live, its inhabitants are passionate about the town and rightly so. The more we show that the better off we all are.

I will add eating dumplings to the list of things I shall do with abandon this season…although those that know me know I just like to eat. Any excuse will do.


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