The Office Party Outfit Dilemma

We are now in full blown Christmas countdown mode, what with it being the 1st of the month and all. We can safely assume you’re all attending Christmas parties galore. Some of you might even have partaken in one or two in November.

It’s the usual dilemma of what to wear that generally stumps me though.  If it’s a works do you don’t want to turn up and be considered Bridget Jones' frumpier sister, nor do you want to be avoided as ‘that man eater over there’. Tricky.

Well fear not, Nick has come up with some perfect items to make your Christmas dressing insanely easy and very chic. My two favourite words when it comes to clothes.

First up, Vogue has decreed this the winter of sparkle and embellishment.

White Stuff Apple Tree Dress - Purple FableVila Glitsay Long Dress - BlackWhite Stuff Primrose Dress - Mythical Grey


I of course agree with the hallowed halls of fashion but think maybe I'd also like something a little more understated...  something like this perhaps....

Vila Fact Scuba Dress - Formula One RedGreat Plains Primetime Ponte Skater Dress - Shale/BlackVila Pixell Waterfall Party Dress - Navy/Black


Which ever way you decide to go, accessorise with a large glass of wine and a paper party hat, no one likes a party pooper. 

Avoid the photocopier and the office junior who's been leaving you cups of tea and a hopeful smile all week. 


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