Sneaky Christmas

It’s ten days until the big day, that’s just one more weekend. I don’t know about anyone else but I feel like Christmas snuck up on me this year, one minute I was watching with horror as the Christmas decorations and gifts arrived in certain superstores in September and the next it’s the last 10 day stretch. I mean, I haven’t even watched Elf yet!

We’re in full Christmas swing here in store too, the gifts are all out and ready for lovely new owners  to take them home, and we can gift wrap any purchases free  of charge to make life easier for you. Not to mention the Wish List service; this is already proving to be popular with the men in your lives.

I’m lucky that I only have a few gifts to buy this year and I’ve managed to squirrel those away without realising I’d even done it.  Plenty of time left to make biscotti and shortbread as little gifts and mince pies galore.

If you're interested in the best Biscotti recipe ever, it's here... (*other recipes are available) I leave out the fruit and add more nuts, if it seems a little dry add another tablespoon of liquid to even out the recipe.

There’s something to be said for a non commercial Christmas, I’ve touched on it before but I know a few friends have banned gift giving this year, which in itself I’m not disagreeing with. I just can’t do it. I don’t really want to do it. I’m one of those happy fools who loves buying (or making) people things and seeing that short brilliant moment as you hand them something, that makes the whole year worthwhile. I don’t spend a lot, who can anymore? I do however spend what I can afford to in the right places.

To that end we’ve been featuring gift ideas from the shop on our instagram and Facebook pages for a few weeks. Have a look and tell us what you think!


Happy hunting Christmas warriors.


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