Happy New Year!

Well that’s that, the last Monday of the year is nearly through. Soon New Years Eve will be upon us, flirting with you, promising the best party of the whole year.

You know what that means? New dress.

I can’t be the only one who feels the night deserves a new item of clothing? I think this year will be different though, I’m by the sea for the evening and a dress is probably not the most practical item for wind and subzero temperatures. I’ll be rocking my Emu boots and a thermal t-shirt, you know, with pearls or something to make its extra festive.

I do love seeing the ocean at this time of year, that huge grey, foreboding and stormy mass, nothing better than that. The sea in the summer is nice for paddling about it, don’t get me wrong, but there’s something about seeing the churning waves in winter that makes me marvel at the majesty of nature. How tiny and insignificant humans are against the enormity of the earth and its tempestuous weather mood swings. Don’t get me started on lightening storms; I could wax lyrical for hours.

I think that the best bit about this time of year, the limbo between Christmas and the New Year, is the hope of a fresh start. We can clean and catch up with friends and family, maybe kick back and relax if you’re lucky. Recharge your batteries ready for launching into January full of beans and big ideas. You make resolutions to be better with all the starry eyed conviction of an ingénue.

Let’s not dwell on the fate of most New Year’s resolutions, it spoils the hope.



I think its best at this point to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! And I hope that the coming year bring you all everything you want.

Thank you for reading and shopping with us and see you all on the other side.

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