Soup Dragon

So, it’s the first day back at work for lots of you. Christmas and New Years is over, the trees are coming down and the presents are put away. That tub of roses is suspiciously light and equally suspicious is the huge quantity of Satsuma’s and nuts left over.

I don’t know about you dear reader but I over indulged; I didn’t pass up a single offer of food or drink all festive season. I attacked it with the zeal of a woman who knows a new regime will be descending shortly. And so it has, I am now tucking in, relatively happily, to large portions of fruit and vegetables, smoothies and stir-fry’s, salads are not happening yet. Far too cold. I can see a soup dragon day in my very near future too, a ‘soup dragon day’ is what my mother called the feverish soup making weekends I have where I fill my freezer entirely with soup experiments that invariably don’t go quite to plan. Any one for some Roasted Parsnip Soup?

I am of course hoping to lighten up or tone up ready for my wedding at the end of the year. My lovely Man is mostly enjoying all the home cooked food again and having a clean(ish) kitchen. He doesn’t like cake or puddings anyway so the savoury dishes seem to be making him content.

This mad dash for health can be brilliantly supported by the town thankfully, the vegetables from the market are fantastic, with great variety and plenty of deals to be had, not to mention the Meat and Fish stalls. Some of which have permanent homes locally and some of which don’t. I do like the return to picking things from individual specialists. The bread from the Italian stall at the piazza is particularly worthy of mention, if only I could remember the name of it!

I’m sure one of you will know though yes?


I’ll keep you all updated on my progress and feel free to send me any tips, recipes or places to get things that are delicious!

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if it’s the stall/van I’m thinking of it may be Chiricos?


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