The Roses Depository

It’s happened. Hell must have frozen over, because I distinctly remember saying ‘Hell will freeze over before I join another Gym’ and readers, I’ve joined a gym. I should start expecting a cold front coming in any day now.

It’s all the weddings fault of course, well, that and the previously mentioned giant tub of Roses I devoured over Christmas. The important thing to mention is that I’m not looking to lose weight particularly; I just want to be able to run up a flight of stairs without oxygen on hand, or stretch for the remote without pulling something.

I have a very dedicated friend who swears by kettle bells and promises me that she will blast the jiggle from my upper arms and Roses depository. I am not entirely convinced that her regime can rival my ability to snuffle out cake like a truffle hog, but I am willing to try. I have purchased a swimming costume and some sort of yoga style pants (also excellent for post pasta indulgence). Although handing over my money in exchange for a swim suit, an item of clothing I think I last owned whilst I still thought kiss chase was a viable dating option, did hurt a little. I am for the first time in nearly a decade convinced that I will learn to love exercise and a healthier lifestyle, I figure I’m half way there, I eat celery without any complaint what so ever.

I’ve fired up the blender for lovely vegetable packed smoothies and the wok and steamer for good dinners full of protein and more vegetables….and the ice cream maker is in the post for when it all gets too much and I decide to have a weekend long blow out on homemade Rocky Road chocolate ice cream.  What do you mean that’s not the idea?!

Ice Cream is one of the major food groups isn’t it?

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