New season alert

Hi Everyone!

I am in a quandary, the long awaited Ice Cream maker still hasn’t arrived, I’m being told that Yodel have lost it somewhere along the line. I’m an impatient woman at the best of times but when the end goal involves homemade ice cream I get a little hysterical. Don’t they understand that as much as I love the new eating program, I need sugar to fuel my ramblings on this here site!

As a matter of public service I’ve been eating chocolate in the shop so I can remain level headed. I do it all for you guys you know, I’m selfless like that. I don’t even like chocolate.  Don’t listen to anyone that says differently, vicious lies.

Speaking of the shop, we’re in sale mode here and enjoying seeing you all take home bargains.

As a matter of fact the first two items of the new spring collections landed this morning. I do get a thrill from seeing the new pieces start coming in. Crisp new colours and styles…Nearly as much as real ice cream. I digress.

Which means you can expect to see excited spring trends related posts and pictures from now on.

You lucky things.

Anyone want to share their favourite bits about spring and the new seasons?

So I don’t feel quite so alone out here in the cheerleading team.

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This Spring specifically it’ll be about getting out and going for walks. The thing with being home with baby is the sort of spare time I have on my hands lol.


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