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Hello, I’d just like to introduce myself.  I’m the new girl here at Planet and am taking over the blogging slot once inhabited by the lovely Clare (who now works MILES away, by the way, at Seventh Heaven next door!)  I have to say, I’m feeling already the real sense of community in this old Victorian arcade where we all reside.  As what has to be Bedford’s more tasteful undercover shopping venue, it does have some of the quirkier shops on offer in the town, with the aforementioned, aesthetically perfect Seventh Heaven patisserie (you have to go there, to look as well as to sample the delightful cakes), Arcadia, the old-fashioned sweet shop, the fabulous Kitchenalia and many other independent wee shoppies.  It makes you feel like part of a kind of shopkeepers elite working here I have to say.   

In fact, Arcadia, as well as being full of types of sweets that even your Granny remembers (indeed, some of them are sweets that only your Granny remembers!) performs an important social function as children of a certain age can be left to finger the confectionery (only the wrapped items obviously, we don’t encourage lack of hygiene) whilst you pop elsewhere to try on that nice frock you saw in the window...

That’s all from me for now. See you soon! Just to let you know, we're now open seven days a week again.  And don’t worry, we have wet wipes in case your little darlings come to find you!
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