Alexander McQueen & Inspiration

I have just been to the Alexander McQueen exhibition Savage Beauty at the V & A in London.  I don’t profess to know that much about either McQueen or fashion, but I know creative genius and beauty when I see it.  I urge you to go.  Not only because it is important to recognise the phenomenal talent that was Alexander McQueen, who added new depth to the world of fashion by creating - effectively -  thought-provoking, performance art.  But also because, let’s face it, we aren’t, most of us, in the habit of getting up that close to such finely crafted designer clothes or such exquisite tailoring.  Perhaps I am easily impressed. (I learnt my sewing skills from my Mother, who famously embroidered both sides of a pillowcase together for her school fete) That said, it would seem that, as someone who started life as an apprentice in Saville Row, Alexander did the world of good old British tailoring proud and took it to new heights of inventiveness.  

We may not pretend to have anything as finely crafted as that in Planet, but the world of high fashion and the world of art - of which he was a part - both filter down to us lesser mortals and give us things that are inspired by those worlds.  So whether your style is Superdry or Superga, we hope we’ve got something to inspire you!

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