Planet Normal & the Edinburgh Festival

I have just returned from a weekend away at the Edinburgh Festival with my friend. As I’m half Scottish and my dearly departed father lived there for a while, I’m sentimentally attached to Edinburgh, so I don’t necessarily expect anyone to love the place as much as I do. However,  my friend was instantly smitten.  

Its a crazy time to be introduced to the city. As we wandered along the Royal Mile, we were offered flyers by Droids and Geishas, rubbed shoulders with an eighteenth century gent in full wig and make-up chatting to his ordinarily-clad mate, and passed a Shylock-like character talking on his mobile, as actors from the various Fringe shows went about their business in full costume. If I’d had anything much more mind-altering than green tea it might have messed with my head.  On the day we were leaving, my friend, face down on the astroturf of George Square Gardens, rebutted a young man’s entreaty to choose a positive thought from his container.  As she looked up to see the young man in question - a kind of understated, lanky Liberace - offering her a slip of paper on which was written a philosophical truth worthy of any fortune cookie, her buoyant mood returned.  Only a few hours later she was texting me saying “Back in Planet Normal now”.  It was over all too quickly

If in doubt faun a friend - performers with flyers at Bristo Square

Still, without Planet Normal there’d be no Planet Fun; without the daily grind there’d be no treats. There’s nothing like returning after a well-earned break feeling refreshed and re-energised to tackle projects old or new. As a parent, the new term beckons and I look forward to getting down to more autumnal pursuits. Others, unshackled by constraints of school holidays, might still be planning a week away in September.  Back here in Planet Planet (see what I did there?) we can cater for all needs, with gorgeous new stock from White Stuff, Great Plains and French Connection but plenty of summer sale bargains still on offer.  So whether you’re already considering a new frock to go with your Fly boots or are still stocking up on sun cream we have something for everyone. See you soon!

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