Dismaland and the Approach of Autumn

Perhaps its the dismal weather outside but I love the sound of Dismaland, Banksy’s ironic take on a theme park, in Weston-Super-Mare.  If I could bear queueing on that stretch of the M5 again - which I can’t, having done it on the way to and from Cornwall this summer - I would be there like a shot.  It has been described as a family theme park unsuitable for children.  Its probably not for the die-hard Disney kid, but the jaded parents who’ve endured the usual attractions might find the rusting metal structures and crumbling grey concrete a humourous antidote to the garish colours of an actual theme park.  As someone who dreads the approach of a giant Goofy or some such, the Mickey mouse-eared attendants at Dismaland with their surly manner and range of rude gestures might seem like a breath of fresh air (not that we condone such attitudes to customer service here at Planet I should add!) . I’m sure not everyone will be amused, but it seems like good old irreverent British humour at its best.


Our new Autumn collections are helping me cope with the dismal weather as well.  There are some deep cerise and turquoise hues running through the new White stuff range for those who like a dash of colour to ward off the gloom, but although I love these shades, it was the burgundies, golds and blacks of the new B:Young frocks - not to mention the Fly boots that have also just arrived - that have got me impatient to go kicking through fallen leaves already, before the kids have even started back.

So if you’re wondering what appropriate footwear you have for all those puddles out there come on in and have a look at the new Fly collection..but hurry, they do tend to - ahem - fly out!!  Okay, I should end it there.

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