If mannequins could talk...

As I was cleaning the bits inbetween the toes of the mannequins in the Planet window the other day I was reflecting on those truisms that people come out with about whatever job you’re doing you should put 100% into it.  Or my friend’s Mum’s favourite of “Never think any job is beneath you”. (There weren’t many things below me as I was attending to the mannequins’ toes I can tell you!)  It’s true that those mindless tasks are good for zoning out and freeing the mind up to bring moments of inspiration.  However,  there have been times when that sort of attention to detail has not always been appreciated in my life.  

I was reminded of such a time whilst gazing admiringly at Seventh Heaven’s amazing array of novelty wedding cakes in their window.  (Now that is attention to detail!)  Now I am not a neat person, as anyone who has seen me sew a hem on can testify to, but I am creative and used to like creating themed cakes for my kids’ birthdays.  Years ago my eldest was having a Premier Soccer party and he’d mentioned wanting a football pitch as a cake.  The morning of his birthday I felt rough as the proverbial badger’s parts, was feverish and had a sore throat, but I managed to garner enough energy to make him a football pitch, onto which I painted juiced spinach for the green, carefully leaving white gaps for the pitch markings.  Upon his return from school I proudly showed him my efforts.  “But I wanted a stadium!” he screamed, storming off, with all the stroppiness of a diva.  

Gratitude is a wonderful thing and luckily our customers are appreciative of our efforts to create a pleasant shopping environment, especially now we’ve rearranged it to fit in all the gorgeous new Great Plains and Vila and  the range of Emu boots (more on that later).   I’m sure if the mannequins could talk they would be very thankful.  It’s just a good job they’re not ticklish.  Ok, perhaps I have been getting too engrossed in cleaning...

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