A Dog's Life

Now I like to think that I provide some amusement in these little musings of mine but I try not to let it go to my head.  I am merely providing an important service for Boutique Planet and therefore try not to let my ego run away with me. I don’t expect The Observer to phone me up any time soon.  However, dear reader, I have to tell you, I feel as though I have been upstaged - by a dog!  

I am referring to the utterly original business networking cafe and  meeting space, previously called Maximo Learn, now re-launched as 44 Harpur Street.  In keeping with their zany originality, they have a pooch named George as their mouthpiece & blogger and have numerous photos of said doggy and his friends dressed up for Strictly amongst other things.  They make work look such fun.  It almost makes me wish I had an office job - well maybe not, but if I had to meet with people I would definitely be more excited at the prospect of doing so if I could meet in their crazy fun surroundings.  Not only do they have a miniature putting green and table football in their meeting room breakout space, they also have sweeties galore and lots of goodies available when you rent their “Not Bored” room or their other meeting spaces, including miniature picnic hampers.  The whole place has recently been refurbed in a very on trend industrial style but it is the eclectic mix of retro and vintage furniture that gives the meeting rooms a cosy, having-a -cup-of-tea-round-your-Auntie’s, rather than a serious business-like, feel.  Fun, after all, fosters creativity making meetings in such a space potentially more creative than sitting in the usual surroundings.  They also really understand the issues of working at home as they are happy for people to use their cafe as a change of scene from the home office and don’t mind at all if you sit there for hours with a cup of coffee whilst typing away.  And who knows, you might get to meet the elusive George...

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